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Concealed Hinges

When purchasing concealed hinges for flush wall doors, it is important to consider the specific dimensions of your cabinet. There are several different options and the specifications of each hinge are important to consider. They include the mounting plate size, hinge cup diameter, and type of attachment. Also important are the number of hinges per door and how they close. A concealed hinge comes with a depth adjustment screw that can be used to adjust the mounting plate to a desired depth.

Space Saving Flush Wall Door

A space-saving flush wall door has many advantages. Not only does it eliminate hallway clutter, but it’s safe and practical. Its low-profile frame enables it to fit in tight spaces. And because it’s invisible, it can even be used as a secondary entryway.

In addition to saving space, this type of door is also much stronger and more stable than traditional doors. The door is even less susceptible to twisting or warping, which can result in a damaged door.